Welcome to my blog, by perusing my books you will find that I have something for nearly everyone. I write as the mood and subject take me. So if some are too hot for your taste, read on others will suit you. If you are disappointed that some of those containing naturism are not raunchy enough, it is because naturists aren't all that way inclined. They are normal people who prefer not to wear clothes whenever possible.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

finished this week

My latest book will be finished this week, the characters keep trying to take me in different directions and there are some interesting possibilities, but I don't want a tome the size of war and peace.

I still don't have a title for it, but maybe by the time it has been edited I'll have some ideas and an idea for the cover.

Friday, January 2, 2015

It's over and the new one starts

Well the old year is over and here we go again.

I spent most of the holiday period writing my new book, it's up to 120 pages at present. It's a ghost story with a sexual element and is set in early victorian times. I make no bones about it, the looks of Emily, the heroine are based on the beautiful actress Jenna Coleman (of Dr Who fame). She didn't start out that way, but I have liked Jenna since her first appearance and when I read back through the description I recognised her immediately.

I don't plan things for my books, I let the story take me where it wants. This book started with the opening description of the house, as seen by the old man and nothing else no idea of a story or even that there might be a heroine.

When I got to the need for the Heroine I wanted her to be beautiful and have big eyes that draw you in, starting with that just led on to the other features (I hope she doesn't mind).

I cant tell you the title yet, I haven't settled on one and release date is likely to be late January/early February.

Oh well back to the writing, I want to find out how it ends :o)

Have a happy and prosperous New Year, but most of all be healthy.