Welcome to my blog, by perusing my books you will find that I have something for nearly everyone. I write as the mood and subject take me. So if some are too hot for your taste, read on others will suit you. If you are disappointed that some of those containing naturism are not raunchy enough, it is because naturists aren't all that way inclined. They are normal people who prefer not to wear clothes whenever possible.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

book list

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Kindle and Paperback


The Cry of the Qumah
The Colonel's Daughter


The Curse of the Sin-Eater
The Haunting of Cecilie Sutton 
The Frenchman's Ghost

Historic Fiction

Excalibur's Last Battle
Nimue's Revenge


Ramblin Jack's Bawdy Tales 
The Living Masterpiece


Murder at the Abbey
Bristol Cross Murders
The Office Murder

Science Fiction

Rubil Acxe

Folk Tales/Fairy Stories

Scaries and Fairies vol 1

Kindle only

Adventure/True Life

The Riddle of the Sandbar

The Unremarkable Couple
The Remarkable Couple

Paperback only


Love Lies Lurking

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


This book is taking longer than anything I have written before. I had a read through before I submitted it and think I want to rewrite a few things.

It will be out this year one way or another, but not yet.