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Friday, April 3, 2015

The Frenchman's Ghost

The next release in my collection of short stories is "The Frenchman's Ghost" it's available on Amazon now in both ebook and paperback forms.

Having escaped from the guillotine the French Duke was forced to watch his wife and daughter being murdered by an English mob …

The aged spinster who changed Edward Anstey's life was unknown to him. They were distantly related, but had never met.
When he inherited her fortune and a house on Hardanger Hill it was a windfall he couldn't have expected.

Local builders refused to work at Hardanger House and swore it was haunted.
When Edwards wife saw an apparition in her bathroom dressed in clothes from another century, Edward started a search for the intruder.

But the locals knew more than they would say and it soon became obvious why …

Next week "The Colonel's Daughter"

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